To do: demonstrate the beauty of listmaking


  1. Acknowledge listmaking's traditional, order-making properties
  2. Show fancy, web 2.0 examples of above
  3. Introduce idea of listmaking as creative and/or social activity
  4. Show masterful executions of the above that demonstrate my unparalled genius with the form
  5. Show earnest misfire that humanizes me
  6. Show that list on epinions so I can get my last $10 and cash out
  7. Show how to beautify lists with Flickr
  8. Direct people to Lisa Nola's site (include link to her lists)
  9. Pimp the communicatrix's listography
  10. Get the hell off internet and work on actual to-do list

xxx c

Photo by magillicuddy via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license