If computers R the sp@wn of S@t@n, why @M I const@ntly coming up with @ddition@l re@sons to use one?

zuikkin' english My Macs continue to conspire against me, one getting hinky as soon as I get the other one fixed. For months I've been hobbling along on my 12" PowerBook, watching my useful time working in Photoshop slowly shrink as the program decides to lock up more and more, in much the same way that it did on my G5 before it went south in July.

Die on me once, shame on you; die on me twice, shame on you, you mercenary POS robber barons.


So this afternoon, after a new business meeting down in Orange County, I'm driving back up to one of the 67 Apple stores in the Los Angeles area to give them even more of my money. Why?

(a) Because #@*() Apple won't let me install the Tiger OS that came with my $2800 PowerBook on my $3000 G5 and I need it to sync the computers and end this madness

(b) Because I killed the "a", "q" & "1" keys on my spare keyboard and I'm tired of swapping back & forth or finding work@arounds

(c) All of the above


For some reason, WordPress decided to gobble up 1/3 of this post between my pushing the "publish" button and it showing up on a browser near you. I don't know why; clearly, I am more technologically handicapped than I even realize.

Anyway, as I said (I think) the first time I posted this, the events of the past several days have helped me understand why The BF says he must visualize half-clad young Japanese women before he can wrap his mind around other people's stupid computer questions. I am just trying to take care of my own stupid computer problems and all I can think about is a stiff bourbon and a long, hot bath, followed by a swift whomp to the head with a 2x4 before falling into a deep, deep sleep until sometime next year...

xxx c

Image above is a still frame from a Japanese TV show called Zuiikin' English, in which half-clad young Japanese women aerobicize to common English phrases such as "I Was Robbed by Two Men" and "Spare Me My Life." Via TV in Japan.