Scanning my #$@! photos, Day 4: Call me 'Patches'!

me with pillow on head There are so many wrongs this picture reminds me of.

Me, leaving the price tag on my new toque.

My grandparents, seizing the free pass for unfettered hillbilly decorating that the 1970s provided to recover their spectacular, Mid-Century sofa in movie theater carpeting.

My mother, letting me out of the house wearing Garanimals, The Holly Hobbie Edition. Hell, I hated Holly Hobbie.

But really, what disturbs me most is the placement of my hands. What am I doing with my hands!?! At my grandparents' house!!!

On Christmas!!!

xxx c

UPDATE: Oh, yeah, and Bonwit Teller closing. And for what? To make room for another Victoria's Secret?