Scanning my #$@! photos, Day 9: This Tuesday brought to you by Bea Lillie

Bea Lillie by the fire My paternal grandparents, whose fireplace actress Bea Lillie is posed next to, led a very glamorous life pretty much from the time they hooked up. Gramps was a writer-producer in the Golden Age of Radio and (very much) enjoyed the attendent perks and privileges of such.

Me? I liked the stories. Like the one about Red Skelton passing out on the spare twin bed in my Dad's room after a particularly wild night. Or the one about the time when Gramps got fired, pulled everything out of their bank account except a hundred bucks and took Gram on a cruise around the world. Or the one about Gramps finally introducing Gram to 'Gingy', the woman who finally, albeit briefly, caused Gram to send Gramps packing.

Oh, yes. I've got a lot more scanning to do...

xxx c