the communicatrix elsewhere: How to tell if your New Year's resolution should be 'find new career'

kfed on csi I know that as an aspiring actor, my favorite articles were (in order of desirability):

  1. pieces crammed full of proven, immediately actionable information from industry insiders
  2. interviews with industry insiders full of tips, even if tips were couched in "useless" prose (i.e., extracting said tidbits was up to me);
  3. interviews with industry insiders that were flat-out entertaining
  4. interviews with industry insiders that sucked ass
  5. tedious reflections on the meaning of acting 'crafted' by self-important blowhards

I think last month's column fell into category 5, which is why, unlike my masterful, definitely-category-1 series on how to approach commercial auditioning (here and here), I did not link to it. On the other hand, as I believe the kids said several years ago, "What's your damage, Heather?", I'm on month 4, still finding my way through the wilderness.

On the other-other hand, I've been at this blog for over two years now and I still walk smack into trees for looking at the forest.

So read "Five reasons NOT to be an actor…and one reason to jump all over it." Or don't. I'm fairly sure the world will continue to spin on its axis, regardless...

xxx c