RIP, YMDB; hello, redundancy

Woodruff-Paskal I know nothing lasts forever. I also know I'm overly attached to things. But a list of movies? Who thought I'd have to back up a list of my 20 favorite movies?!?

  1. If goes under? I lose my links. AKA I'm screwed.
  2. If gmail goes down? I lose my email backup. (I've got it all locally, but I'm perched on the edge of a rusty scimitar, AKA, I'm screwed.)
  3. If DreamHost goes down? I lose this whole blog, past the last time I backed it up (note to self: find that plug-in that backs up automagically) (and for good measure, back up when you're done with this).

Before I go on, please know that I actually do have a keen sense of perspective when it comes to "stuff", based in no small part to, well, I can't even bring it up in a post this frivolous. You'll just have to trust me, my friend: between my travels abroad and my travels, period, I have an acute understanding not only of the fundamental impermanence of life, but of priorities in general.

Still, we cling to what we cling to, idiotic or not. And today, I'm clinging to movies. I had a list of them on a site called YMDB, which I won't even link to, because it redirects to IMDB, which needs more traffic like I need more holiday fat around my middle, and it Summed Me Up in Movies, and it was a link between me and my beloved Neilochka, and now it's gone.

Worse, occasionally, when I'd be hard up for a good video rental, I'd hop on YMDB and find a similar list. You know, like how you people who don't yet know is the devil sometimes use it for other recommendations on crap you might be interested in. Who doesn't want a nice page filled with crap they might be interested in!?! No one, I say!

So to hell with it. I'm putting my new and improved list of fave flickage right here. If anyone has any ideas on other stuff I might want to see, let me know. I gave up TV, remember? I need distraction!

Some disclaimers before I give up the list itself:

  • This list was cobbled together from dim, dim memory and a MySpace list, so, you know, it's likely to change
  • Drastic change
  • This list is in no particular order (although I really, really love The Third Man)
  • My criteria have more to do with desirability of repeat viewing than inherent greatness, which is to don't even start about Showgirls, people
  • That's it, but bulleted lists look better in odd numbers

Now, without further ado, the list itself:

  1. The Third Man
  2. The Godfather
  3. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  4. Showgirls
  5. All About Eve
  6. Jackie Brown
  7. Brazil
  8. Nashville
  9. Caddyshack
  10. Ed Wood
  11. Fat City
  12. Le Rayon Vert (aka Summer, in U.S. release)
  13. Johnny Guitar
  14. Saturday Night Fever
  15. The Gay Divorcée
  16. Sunset Boulevard
  17. Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story
  18. Play Misty for Me
  19. Vertigo
  20. Singin' in the Rain

As I said, list subject to change. Like me...

xxx c

Image by bryanF via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license