Nerd Love, Day 3: Nerd Accessories

pencil case Quick,

What's nerdier than an olive-green hard shell pencil case from 1973 with...

  • a granny decal
  • two day-glo yellow stickers with your name in "mod" type
  • an "Easy Rider"-esque knockoff sticker in the center

...surrounded by:

  • fake pearls from Forever 21
  • a coaster that actually says "Love Like You'll Never Get Hurt"
  • an Entertainment 07 coupon book you bought from a fellow nerdmaster
  • a picture of you and The BF at an elective Nerdmasters function in which you were inducted as VP of Membership
  • one of no less than 15 affinity program cards
  • which is made out under your company's name
  • which you decided, in your infinite nerdy wisdom, should be "BeanEyes Communications"



opened pencil case

An olive-green hard shell pencil case from 1973 that is still operational.

xxx c