Admin: New! Make the communicatrix come to you!

living room silhouette While I love this beautiful template (headspace, by fernando_graphicos, if you're reading this in shouting distance of 2/20/07), its super-minimalist search feature has long been the gimpy-legged straggler of the site, something that became more and more obvious as the information grew broader and deeper.

With my new Lijit widjit, however, I have leapfrogged over my 2.0 templated cousins, and probably the next several releases of WordPress, as well. Just enter your search term in the box to your immediate right (if you're reading this in shouting distance of 2/20/2007), hit "go" and your search will be conducted to the farthest reaches of the communicatrix literary landscape, or at least, every one of the 20+ sources I've entered so far.

It uses Google's search engine and some, um, other stuff to pull sources from my all blogs, my aggregators (StumbleUpon, delicious, etc) and any other site you list (places I comment a lot, like, or other, random pages I've entered). There is some duplication of results and it's definitely better on very specific searches than general ones, but overall, I'm pretty happy to have the means to find those precious words I've misplaced somewhere.

If you despise it, you can still use the old-school search box at the bottom of the sidebar. But I'd be interested to know what you guys think of this here Lijit, and how it's working for you.

xxx c

Flickr was down for the count, so here's a little pic from my place circa last December. Nice light!