Poetry Thursday: The Buffer Zone

online addiction People say they don't understand how drunks keep drinking how addicts keep shooting how smokers keep smoking how (your favorite group of degenerate wastrels here) keep doing (something you don't give a crap about, here)

I say: heroin poker Thursday nite Comedy Lineup YouTube--

Same difference

It's all just a buffer between you and your feelings between you and your work between you and what's really going on

Anything done too much too many times in a row takes on a life of its own takes you on a trip away from the Truth

You see I've never shot up but I've watched a full season of Dragnet smoked an entire pack of Marlboro reds drunk an entire bottle of wine in one sitting

Same fucking thing, my friend... same fucking thing

Comfort comes in many shapes and sizes and delivery systems

True access takes work and questioning and prodigious quantities of terrifying solitude of deafening silence

And too much of anything is no good at all, including surfing, including fucking, including poetry, including goodness

Especially goodness...

xxx c

Image by bob degraaf via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license