Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to rain I go

tequila Once again, I'm heading for climes I have no proper gear for. Soon there will be more pictures of me in hiliter-yellow 1980s outerwear (hey! puffy parkas are in again!) or looking like a MacMichelin Man in my ridiculous layers.

But to hell with it. It's been an arduous month of illness, insanity and income tax; it's time we leavened things with a little inebriation, dammit! Hell, Uma would want that more than anything!

I'll have both laptop and The BF in tow on this PacNW adventure, so perhaps I'll post.

Or perhaps I'll just get stinky-drunk, buy a crapload of books and see you all next week.

That's what's great about life, my friends: it's one great big fucking adventure, innit?

xxx c

Image by Alicia via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.