the communicatrix elsewhere: pride, the bitch goddess

draak sessie 4 iii As Professor Tom Leykis says, I can advise on mistakes because I've made almost all of them.

One of my big lessons this spin around seems to be about ego: specifically, keeping it the hell out of the way. Pride has kept me in more foolish situations for more years than it's comfortable to remember, and frustrated more personal and business relationships than I could list.

I decided to write about pride in this month's acting column because it's a particularly sticky wicket for performers, who have to have a certain amount of it to get up in front of everyone else and shake what their mama gave them, but only just so much and not a bit more, or they will be slapped down especially mercilessly. (In case you hadn't noticed, people can be particularly cruel to performers (or, as The BF calls them, "Celebrities: Our Most Precious National Resource.")

Follow the link, and lemme know what you think.

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Read "Don't Let Pride Kill Your Career: The Four Traps to Watch Out for If You Want to Go the Distance" in The Networker, on

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