Good news, bad news and 25% more communicatrix

good news bad news I've been AWOL, I know, with both good and bad reasons.

First, the good. I saw Uma for the first time in weeks and she is doing so amazingly, astonishingly well, I almost did a cartwheel. It is good that I restrained myself, as people might then have to visit me in the hospital, and I think we have all had quite enough of THAT lately. She looks healthy and robust, she's talking, she's reading, she's hanging out, she's getting her words back, in short, she is well on her way to being 100% pre-trauma Uma, which is fantastic news, no matter how you slice it. I floated on air for the next two days... which point I crashed, hard, just like my poor, poor hard drive. I've finally learned my lesson: I already have a bootable clone of my backup computer, and tomorrow, as soon as the Apple store opens, I'm getting two more backup drives. One will be a bootable clone of the G5, the other will just be Insane Colleen's Redundant Copy to keep offsite. Because I never, ever want to spend three whole days restoring my data again.

And for those of you Mac-heads who have yet to get smart, may I just say "DiskWarrior" and "SuperDuper." Saved my bacon. Mac tech, alas, did nothing...again. Total waste of time. Five hours of time.

Oh, and for those of you I'm supposed to do something with in the next four weeks, if we made plans to do so in the past eight weeks, I'm apologizing in advance if I don't show up, all my calendar data since the last backup is gone with the wind.

Finally, an announcement I've been waiting to make for a month: my NEW NEW NEW newsletter launches this week! Chock full of life-changing secrets, money-saving tips, winning lottery numbers, Furry pr0n and tasty recipes using common, everyday laundry products!

Actually, it's just one solid article on communicating, writing, self-expression, etc, and some mini-reviews of cool stuff, for now. I'm trying to be more disciplined in this vehicle, since I tend to meander on the blog. (And intend to keep doing so!) You can sign up by clicking on the gigundus banner to the right or right here. No spam, ever, I promise. Knowing me, I probably won't even use it to try and sell you anything, I'm such an old hippie.

xxx c

Image by carolitajohnson via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.