The Zen of Everythingâ„¢, Day 8: When in doubt, change your shoes

my shoes are finally worn in As the dread, dead weight of the weekend lifted after 8 hours of rest and some attendant perspective, I knew that today's lesson had to be It's always darker before the dawn.

Then I drove to the Cuban joint for provisions. And while I was sipping my coffee, waiting for them to prepare my salad, it struck me in a rush: Coffee was the lesson! Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

But an hour or two later, I wasn't so sure. I slipped out of my clogs and into my supposedly-for-running shoes in preparation for a trek to the library, mulling over the day, wondering if maybe my lesson would greet me on my walk to the library to return some materials...and then I stood up.

And all of a sudden, I grokked the true meaning of "do one thing different".

Lesson #8: While the big events may provide the starting point for a shift in consciousness, if I'm aware, the small things can, too.

Like marvel, and gratitude, over cushy shoes.

Like marvel, and gratitude, over the soft coolness of bed after a long, hard day.

Like marvel, and gratitude, over the rippling impact some silly little series of observations on a nothing little blog can have...

xxx c Image by ratterell via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.