The Zen of Everythingâ„¢, Day 16: Seeing opportunities through the mist of problems

soft cream in fog I had a number of good lessons make their presence known today, but by the time I finished driving the distance between my place and My Summer House, I'd pretty much settled on The Story of the Blockbuster Guyâ„¢ as tonight's post.

I used the time to run through them, and the day, and to remind myself of what had yet to be done. There was getting my tabs set up on the guest Mac, and finding a good accompanying photo on Flickr, and porting it to another machine that had Photoshop loaded in order to do the wee bit of tweaking necessary for it to show up perfectly (there's that word again!) on communicatrix-dot-com.

But when I got booted up, Flickr was down. "Having a massage." Whatever. It's been happening more and more, it seems, growing pains, perhaps. I knew I didn't want to spend a bunch of time messing with the wonkiness, but I also knew that to post without a picture wouldn't feel right.

And then it hit me: I have pictures. Tons of pictures, loaded on my server already. The one above, "Soft Cream in Fog", was culled from a search I did around TequilaCon, when I was hunting for good Portland images. There are dozens, nay, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of great Portland images. I couldn't use all of the ones I loved, but I saved some anyway. Because I loved them. Because they were worthy of note.

So today, because Flickr was down ("problem") I got to share one ("opportunity"). Along with a little reminder that just because I've always done something one way, doesn't mean there's not a better, more interesting way. Or at the very least, a different way.

Lesson #17: Everything is a way through to something else.

Let's hope I can keep it in mind as I approach the maelstrom of midweek, with its looming deadlines and other attendant madness...

xxx c

Image © Whateverthing 2007 via Flickr.