The Zen of Everythingâ„¢, Day 21: Baby buddhas

baby and the buddha I've been caught up, or catching up, with work lately, and today was no exception.

So by the time I got to my Country House, the Youngster had already been here for awhile. He and The BF's kidniks had been hanging out, playing frisbee down at the park, lolling around and such. They do a lot of that, hanging out, but all the same, they have a way of commanding your attention. Such is the result of being constantly present. It's exhausting for us who are more used to being partly present, albeit for longer stretches.

The kidniks were off somewhere in the other room, amusing themselves for a moment or two, and The Youngster turned to me and remarked how it had done him a world of good to spend some time with them. Because you realize that none of It matters. All that crap. As the Youngster said, "I realized, hey, I could just go to Italy."

Because none of It matters. Not really. All that stuff we get so caught up in. That deadline. Those meetings. This blog.

Don't worry, I'm not going to stop blogging. But I'm going to start bringing more attention to it when I do.

Lesson #22? Be here now. Wherever "here" is.

Go forth, fellow buddhas, and be...

xxx c

Image by kiny via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.