Hypn07, Days 22 - 24: Talking and sleeping, sleeping and talking.

finish line This covers days 22, 23 and 24 of 30 for the Hypnotherapy Project, which I'm collaborating on with Los Angeles-based hypnotherapist Greg Beckett. You can read more about this experiment, what motivated it and what we hope to accomplish here.

One of the things that Greg and I have learned from the Hypnotherapy Project is that you can cover a LOT of ground in 30 days.

One of the other things we've learned is that some of the ground covering happens in the days after, in the debriefing sessions (a.k.a., our nattering marathons) and in the rest.

Without rest, you could probably work yourself to death, yes. But also, without rest none of the learning can really take root. What we're doing is a little like going to the gym and blasting away at your muscle groups for 30 days straight. And there's only so much blasting you can take before your muscles say, "Give it a rest, sister, or we'll do it for you."

We did a lot of yakking on Friday, did Greg and I. We used our time to map out a plan for this last, yes, last, week of the project. Some things I want to do, some things he wants to do.

I will be glad to get some of this time back. I'm looking forward to using it, along with my newly restored vigor and enthusiasm, to do some serious creating.

I'm also looking forward to some rest. I feel like I've run a marathon, and it's not even over yet.

But the rest and the free time come at a price: I will miss the discipline of coming to the hypnotherapy every day. I will miss the exploration of this one, particular thing.

And most of all, I will miss doing it with this excellent human being. Thank you, Greg...

xxx c

Image by Seraphim C via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.