100 Things I Learned in 2007, Part I

mardi gras Hard to believe this is the fourth installment of listy, round-up goodness. However, time cares not what we believe, continuing to march the hell on, regardless.

And so, without further ado...

  1. Money might spend itself, but it does not reconcile itself in the QuickBooks.
  2. Goals, on the other hand, neither make nor complete themselves.
  3. No matter how public you go with them.
  4. There is life after land lines.
  5. CFLs do not suck nearly as hard as they did five years ago.
  6. But they still kinda-sorta suck.
  7. Bread + beer - activity = belly.
  8. Fortunately, underwear stretches.
  9. For someone who claims an ambivalence towards blood relatives, I feel awfully proud that five of my boy-cousins made hanging out with me a priority.
  10. There is still no family like family of choice.
  11. Even if they happen to be related by blood.
  12. Nerds rule.
  13. No, seriously, they rule.
  14. Whoever said "Life sucks and then you die" was only half-right.
  15. Thank christ.
  16. Or whomever.
  17. Information designers are hot.
  18. Portland kicks L.A.'s ass.
  19. Seattle doesn't, but Seattle coffee kicks all coffee's ass.
  20. The real cost of acquiring stuff is the time spent divesting oneself of it.
  21. That thing I tell myself, about being able to go back to copywriting? Total lie.
  22. When in doubt, do a salute.
  23. Or rearrange the furniture.
  24. Cheese can tell you a lot about a person.
  25. Telling stories is my favorite thing.
  26. Helping other people tell stories runs a close second.
  27. There is no such thing as too much music.
  28. Or books.
  29. Facebook is the AOL of social media.
  30. Twitter, on the other hand, is the tits.
  31. Perimenopause is a lot like having PMS 365 days a year.
  32. Atheism makes an excellent hillbilly repellent in a pinch.
  33. This design business thing isn't for everyone.
  34. And by "everyone," I mean me.
  35. The Wall Street Journal publishes an entire newspaper every day.
  36. And by "every day," I mean every fucking day.
  37. I miss SxSW when I don't go.
  38. Mid-century L.A. apartments were not built for global warming.
  39. Neither were mid-century women.
  40. The Marines are the second-toughest job you'll ever love.
  41. President of your Toastmasters club being first.
  42. We all have a type.
  43. Rick's hamburgers are as good as they say.
  44. If you build it, they will come.
  45. Dental insurance in 2007 is but a walking shadow.
  46. Not to mention a walking shadow, a poor player strutting & fretting and a tale told by an idjit.
  47. There really and truly are no shortcuts.
  48. There is nothing like fan mail.
  49. I can live without everything but truth.
  50. Even the lamb sandwich at Cafe du Village.

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