communicatrix & SXSW 2.0!!!

I headed over to the Hilton last night, figuring I'd find me some geeks at the bar and kick off my SXSW with bourbon and fellowship. Three hours later, I left having met a bunch of guys here for a Whole Foods conference, an Iron Chef contestant, and a medical sales rep from Dallas with whom I had a lengthy discussion about theism (he's pro, I'm not), socialism (I'm pro, he's not) and marriage (on this, we were of the same opinion, mixed.)

One never knows, do one?

It is from that profound place of not-knowing that I...proudly? sheepishly? tentatively? announce the redesign of communicatrix-dot-com. To coincide with this greatest of all nerd festivals, the place where, as a guy in line with me to pick up badges put it, "I come to have my head expanded without LSD." Because, like the doing of SXSW, the making of a website is an imperfect thing. (Especially when your coding skillz are minimal.)

Links are probably broken. Archives, for now, are non-existent (although individual entries are finally tagged.) For now, you'll need to search for the things you want, and leave yourself open to serendipitous stumbling. Kind of like me, here, bumbling around at the mother of all conferences.

And now, time to pack up my stuff and get out and meet the people! For my 20, follow me on Twitter.

Just don't forget to look up and say "hi!" And, maybe, "Hey! That looks just like your card!"

xxx c

Non-existent accompanying image due to technology choosing this precise moment to go haywire...of course.