Stop! Sucking! Day 8: While you're at it, stop pushing

Last night, when we left our heroine, she was bailing on certain responsibilities to indulge in a little face time with Arnie and his owner.

Tonight, our heroine is bailing on plans to head eastward to visit same because. . . well, because a client/friend needed to sort something out tonight. Things happen. Plans shift. Best not to be married to absolutes. (Best not to be married at all, in my opinion, but I realize this is not the popular view. YMMV.)

It was kind of a day of changing plans. I had a couple of marks I had to hit (coaching call and shrinkage), but the rest was your general-usual, work-expands-to-fill-the-time-allotted day.

So I ended up with: a mileage record I've long been meaning to buy (hello, 2009 taxes!); a rockin' new pair of Sauconys (I require a roomy toe-box and a tight-fitting heel); my mail (uh...I'm kind of bad with...well, you know...); a new ring (to commemorate a shrinkage breakthrough); a shitload of new information (amazing how much shopkeepers know); and a couple of new acquaintances (amazing what can happen if you stop to conversate with the shopkeepers).

I also got in two long walks, my usual crapload of internet activity and, gasp, healthy eating. (This is where a Virgo nature comes in handy.)

And now, I will stop this. I could go on and draw comparisons and connect dots and get all lofty on your asses, but you know what? I think you get it.

Besides, the sheets aren't going to get put on the bed by themselves.

Full stop.

xxx c

Image by cache52 via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.