Stop! Sucking! Day 15: Good enough for guv'ment work

I like to do things up right. And by right, I mean "meticulously."

There are times when meticulous is good: brain surgery leaps to mind, along with piloting aircraft, dentistry, riding a bicycle in L.A. and certain kinds of baking. Careful readers will note that none of these, or anything much like them, are among my duties, and it will be a cold day in hell before I put my ass on a bike in this town.

So most of the things I do, while they should be done well and even better than just "well" as time and energy permits, do not have to be done meticulously. Like, for example, a last-minute design job for a friend that I'm squeezing in before I leave town as a favor, and that will likely be discarded when we do the real job upon my return.

Like that.

The BF has learned to work quickly and well, spending as much time in TV as he has. They just don't have the time or budgets to do things meticulously; as a service provider, you're forced to get down with the concept of "good enough." At one point, I'd expressed some interest in doing more work for television-land; The BF gently pointed out that my price per hour would probably be better at Starbucks. If the UPM didn't kill me first.

Today, I stopped at good enough on a job. And I'm stopping at good enough on this post.

What can you put aside as "done" today?

xxx c

Image by levistone via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license. You'll notice that I even stopped short of finding a "perfect" picture: after five minutes of looking, I realized the irony of passing on this one for a post like this because it was a few pixels shy of my usual stringent requirements.