Stop! Sucking! Day 18: Change of venue

I feel like I've come back to life in the past 48 hours, and not just because I'm finally well-rested for the first time in four days.

There is something about removing myself from the confines of my usual life, and the particularly tiny, triangulated footprint of computer/refrigerator/bathroom, that gets my juices flowing. I need structure, yes, and probably even more self-discipline, but I also need to get better at overcoming inertia (aka the tractor pull of my computer workstation), even when the inertia is productive.

I came pretty far to jog myself from a cranky daydream, but I've felt similar resuscitation taking a spin up to Ojai (especially when I can include a visit with my friend, Jodi) or even a walk around the block. I'm not sure what kind of reminder I can set in place to use when I sink back into productive torpor in L.A., maybe the 1-2 combination of a hypnosis tape and the discipline to use it.

For now, I'm content at the restorative qualities my little trip is having on me.

Besides, I'm sure some of you friendlies will have some great hacks for jogging oneself out of torpor...right, friendlies?

xxx c Image by emmiegrn via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.