Staying Awake in Seattle, Day 10: The bu-u-u-u-us

It's full-on Seattle weather, finally.

I celebrated by wearing wool socks, an undershirt and taking the bus. Or, as The BF calls it, "the bu-u-u-u-us."

Yes, I have my car here, but I am not much for driving, even in L.A. So when I am in a place with public transit that kinda-sorta works, I roll with it. Tonight's ride was one straight shot, no transfers, and a chance to look out the window at the rain-soaked city.

Well, okay, to peek at the rain-soaked city in between glimpses at the GPS on my iPhone. It's fun to watch the little dot that is you move across the map that is your route.

I had an amazing dinner at an amazing place (to be Yelped, soon) with an amazing Also-Newly-Non-Imaginary friend.

The Internet is great, but without real life attached to it, it loses much of its value. Like most tools, the Internet can be used or abused. (And for those of you abusing it in a particular way, that's your bidness, but keep it to yourself, yeah?)

Tonight I used my iPhone to help me get to dinner, to meet a new friend I met on the Internet. (Who, to neatly tie things up with a ribbon, eschews cell phones).

Technology in the service of connection. Rain. Dinner with friends.

All as it should be...

xxx c