Staying Awake in Seattle, Day 14: Seeing things clearly

After a morning's worth of work that was weak by any yardstick, I threw my hands in the air (like I just didn't care) and trundled myself down to yet another fabulous eatery* to meet Cuz, my benefactrix for this stay.

During said lunch (and an unplanned stop afterward for not-to-be-missed Honey-Lavender ice cream), the real work of the day began.

Surprise, surprise.

I will not knock hard work. Hard, focused work. Because without stretches of Hard, Focused Work, nothing of real importance gets made: books; buildings; the perfect recipe for Honey-Lavender ice cream.

Maybe, though, we could ease up on ourselves for the times when we're not working hard. (At least, those of us in the Overachiever Club.) (Of course, the rest of you don't read this blog.)

Cuz and I, as it turns out, work the same way. (Work-work, I mean, the kind where, at the end of a stretch of it, you can point to a bunch of stuff and say "I made this!", just like the boy at the end of the show.) Like hell on wheels, then barely at all.

Only as it turns out, during the not-Work time I'm still working. When I go for a long walk to give my brain a break and my body some exercise, I'm working, because I'm processing. When I spend time with people, old friends, new acquaintances, my shrink (ahem), I'm working, because I'm getting feedback, exchanging information. When I step back and muse, reviewing my past week or planning my next one, I'm working, because I'm giving myself better lenses through which to view, so I can make sure I'm working efficiently.

Part of what I'm beginning to get is my Whack Job Savant Freak Superpower is to see stuff. Where things are broken, where things could be clarified, where things can be tossed. I can see what needs to change so people can communicate their messages more clearly, well, really well, with other people; not quite as clearly with myself.

But I'm getting there. Day by "unproductive" day, week by not-as-planned week.

And soon, I hope, I'll be able to tell you how you can get there, too.

xxx c

*Seriously, do you Seattleites have any bad restaurants?