Staying Awake in Seattle, Day 19: Putting it together

Sometimes, the only way you get stuff done is just to commit to it and make a leap of faith.

Like this presentation I'm giving on Friday.

Hell, like this entire trip, while we're at it.

You form an intention, you get as organized and prepared as you can, and then...

You jump.

It's what I'll be talking about on Friday, when I share what I've learned about connecting with people online with a bunch of people in the Actual Real World. Am I the king-god-be-all of Internet fabulosity? Please.

On the other hand, I went in with the vaguest of intentions, to develop my voice, to share what I knew, and made it work, so I figure that if these people have some clear objectives and can fold in the stuff I've learned? Soufflé time, baby.

Right now, the chef's gotta get back to the kitchen.

More soon...

xxx c