Get your motor runnin', Day 9: First gear also works


I won't lie: I'm not used to this kind of pace.

It's been a while since I've been this prolific. If ever. And I've never been this old while trying to be this prolific, that's for sure. Hard-won skills are worth something, but sometimes nothing beats the sheer boundless energy of youth.

I have to remind myself that moving slowly is okay, too. Some days, today, for instance, might be more for catching up with emails and reading and other digital housekeeping. Even though as a freelance type I set my own hours, the rest of the world has demands during the week and some inevitably seep through.

I also have to remind myself that this is the end of the very first work week of the new year. Not that I think any part of this year will be about coasting, but I do hope to build up some work callouses, as it were. And better habits. I've already seen that I must needs reserve certain hours of the day for certain heavy-lifting tasks, and push the rest off until later.

But all the scheduling, good habits and discipline in the world aren't going to change the fundamental truth of the next few weeks: I've got a lot on my plate, possibly more than I can reasonably do in the time allotted. Or do well, anyway.

It's too late for now, but for 2010 (now there's a scary round number for you) I would like to propose we not attempt to front-load all of our networking in the first four weeks of the year. There are 48 more of the buggers, after all, just waiting for us to get together, mix it up and DO stuff.

In the meantime, I will make the humble suggestion that we each put aside one or two days to move a little more slowly than the others. For me, this means no phone calls, no meetings and at least a short evening constitutional. For you, this may mean no serious writing, no errands, no cooking. I'm guessing each of us feels pressure slightly differently. And yes, many of us have always-on obligations; after spending some quality time with The BF's progeny, I'm always reminded of the miracle that is getting ANYTHING done while simultaneously raising children. So you know, I will never, ever judge the cleanliness of a house with young children in it again. (At least, until a rat runs over my foot or something. There are limits.)

Moving at a snail's pace is also moving. It will get me there. And as Merlin says in a lovely interview with Leo Babauta, pushing through the exhaustion is not always the wisest move. Sometimes the wisest move is a short walk. Or a short post.

A short post for a long week.

Up and at 'em again tomorrow...


Image by suika*2008 (out) via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.