'ello, guvnor!


I've written about the cold as governor before, but it bears repeating (or at least, my body has decided it does).

Getting sick, while nothing most of us would wish on ourselves, no matter how insignificant the illness, is, like most things, what you make of it. (And by "you," I mean "me.")

My colds are like a nagging mother: they force me to take a little better care of myself, to get the sleep I've been cheating myself of and the nutrition I need.

My colds are like a business manager: they force me to take a look at the bottom line, and how each activity is (or isn't) working, ROI-wise.

And finally, my colds are like Twitter: they force me to write short.

Stay well, eat right and get the rest you need. Governors are fine in their way, but there are other people you'd much rather have drop by for a visit.


Image by jerrreon via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.