Referral Friday: Photo rescue kit from Sally Jacobs, Archivist


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You know that gigantic box/drawer/garage-full of loose snapshots you have socked away?

Don't worry about them.

As my friend and archivist extraordinaire, Sally Jacobs, says, those are the photos that still stand a chance of making it another generation without immediate intervention.


That cache of round-cornered square satin prints of you at camp circa 1976 that you neatly ordered in the crappy, spiral-bound, Woolworth's magnetized photo album with the stained, Peter Max-ian fabric on the cover? Toast. Unless you get cracking now. Because between the acid of the cheap-ass glue and the toxicity of the cheap-ass plastic, your precious moments are currently the center attraction in what Sally calls "a chemical sandwich of doom." Tasty, no?

The issue of that box/drawer/garage we shall address at a later (but not too much later, now I'm thinking on it) date. For now, may I suggest you do as I do and order you up one "Easy Peasy SAFE Photo Rescue Kit" from Sally, who assembles them lovingly and persnickety-ly from several sources at what looks to me like not much profit for the purpose of helping preserve you, in all your Quiana-clad disco glory, from imminent doom. (And so you know, these evil books predominated from the 1970s through the 1990s, although they're still available today, so just stay the hell away from ANYTHING PLASTIC when it comes to storing your photos, 'kay?)

Said Easy Peasy SAFE Photo Rescue Kit contains some surgical spatula-type tool thingy that you've probably seen your dental hygienist farting around with, along with gloves, the correct pair of arcane pencils, and instructions, plus some other goodies if you order by today, May 8 (scroll to the bottom of the page to see them). Because she is nice and my friend, if you identify yourself as a reader of this here blog, she will also send you a PDF about the right way(s) to digitize (i.e., scan) your photos.

VERY IMPORTANT: She only makes 100 of these packets a few times per year. As of yesterday, there were 85 available. Just so you know.

And yes, I bought one! So prepare your asses for Round Two of Scanning My Damned Photos, this time, done right!