Poetry Thursday: Life on ice


Some days
seem to move like glaciers,
slowly at top speed
imperceptibly in low gear
never getting there
wherever "there" is

Some days
seem to spread out from under you
like five-star rinks
freshly scrubbed by Zamboni
and ready for action

The trick, then,
is knowing two things:
which is which
and that neither is better

Slow days
for taking in
Zamboni days
for flying by
Natural ice
for anchoring your world
Man-made ice
for strutting your stuff

All days are just days
whether they fly by
or inch along
whether they're filled to the brim
or deceptively empty
not good
not bad
just days
to live

All ice is just ice
thin or thick
rough or smooth
enduring or evanescent
not good
not bad
just ice

Except maybe Vanilla

Then again,
even he
has his moments...


Image by crackers93-on work experience! via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.