Referral Friday: PresentationCamp L.A.

attendees of presentationcamp LA

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Okay, so strictly speaking, this isn't me putting the word out about some small business or entrepreneur*.

So if nobody profits from nor can you buy anything from PresentationCamp L.A. (other than a $10 admission ticket), why the hell am I promoting it here on Referral Friday?

Because PresentationCamp, like all BarCamp**-type "unconferences", is about people who really give a shit about what they do getting together to help each other get better at what they do. And if that doesn't have "entrepreneur" written all over it, I don't know what does.

This one should be no different, except that instead of a group of people getting together to give little presentations and foster little discussions about...whatever, we should have us a fine crop of people who just nerd the hell out on presenting: speaking, crafting great presentations, storytelling, etc. Maybe discussions will spring up around the use of humor or props or improv; maybe we'll talk mind-mapping or how to present yourself well in a job-interview situation (which could come in handy about now) or how to put together a presentation quickly. These, and MORE!, are ideas we've been floating out there.

All I know is that if it's 1/4 as fun as the one that Cliff Atkinson went to up in San Francisco earlier this year, it's gonna be a hootenanny. If you are somewhere on the continuum of digging on presentations, you're gonna meet your people. Like me!

The details are below; if it's not for you, but you know someone who it is for, please, pass along a link to this page. Or tweet it, or Facebook it, or whatever the hell. And if your business, small or otherwise, wants to get in front of 100 SERIOUS presentation nerds, please contact me (communicatrix AT gmail DOT com) about sponsorship. Any amount or in-kind donations welcome!

Final thought: while part of the reason I decided to get on board early was my always-intense desire to TALK TALK TALK, I honestly don't know if I'll present anything. Part of it is being busy, dealing with sponsorships and logistics and suchlike, but another part is that desire for ME to TALK TALK TALK has somewhat receded. I will if what I think I have to add is something other people want to TALK TALK TALK about, but ultimately this thing, it's way bigger and way cooler than one person getting up and doing a dig-me thing: this is about everyone becoming better communicators.

And we all know how I feel about that...



PresentationCamp L.A. | June 20, 10am - 6pm
5405 Wilshire Blvd. |  Los Angeles, CA  90036

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Image © Don Campbell via Flickr. More photos by Don Campbell of the very first (!) PresentationCamp, at Stanford, here.

*It's also, as you can see from the title, about a Los Angeles-based event, although participation is not limited to citizens of our fair city, and so far we have people coming in from as far as New Zealand (albeit because of a handy layover on the way to somewhere else, I mean, really).

**You can read all about the genesis of the BarCamp model on the wikipedia, which is, as my pal and former writing partner, Rick Crowley, put it so well, "the greatest repository of information that may or may not be true."