Poetry Thursday: Gaping maws


The attack of the blank page
of time
of the endless rabbit holes of possibility
is merciless
is sneaky
is eternal.

The two thousand contacts
waiting for you to connect

The two hundred ideas
competing for pole position
in your cranium

The two roads,
this one
or that one,
neither one saying
which one should be
the one not taken.

How do you begin
to address such abundance?

There will never be
enough time
enough energy
enough attention
to satisfy them all
to satisfy you at all

So don't.

Open your heart
with rest
or sound
or light
or anything handy,

And let it guide you
to the perfect spot
for setting down
your blanket
and unpacking your basket
and staying awhile.

There is all the time in the world
for the one thing
that you must do


Image by sam crockett via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.