One day


One day
you will be gone
which is neither here
nor there
(much like you will be
on that day)
except to say

Every day
would be fuller
and richer
and brighter
and lighter
if you started it
by thinking
of that other day
down the road.

You not here
has a great effect
on you here, now.

And "them" not here
(whoever "them" may be)
ain't a bad thing
to remember, either
while we're at it.

Because whether it's them you love
or them you do not
none of it matters much
when no one is here tomorrow.

On that one day
I wish you peace
and love
and a rainbow-tailed unicorn
to ferry you
to your final destination
wherever that may be.

But for this day
and every day
in between
I wish for you
and for me
and for "them"
to remember
that one day.


Image by alana jonez via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.