Referral Friday: 20x200


Referral Friday is an ongoing series inspired by John Jantsch's Make-a-Referral Week. For more about that, and loads more referrals for everything from cobblers to coaches to gee-tar teachers, start here. Pass it on, baby!

I think if you are a writer, especially one who wants to sell books, you should consume as many books as possible.

I think if you are a seller of products or services, you should buy other people's products and services.

And I think if you are a living, breathing human being, you should buy art. Go look at it, too, in museums and galleries and such. Make some, while you're at it.

But buying art is some of the most joyous of energy-exchanging you can experience. To look at something whose sole purpose is to wake you up or to tell you the truth or to make your heart sing and say, "Yes! Yes! I support this! Yes!", that, my friends, is better than diamonds, or sunshine, or the finest small-batch bourbon swirling around in your glass before it heads down your gullet.

Especially diamonds.

I get that some people are a little freaked out by the art-buying process. I remember getting dizzy, the first time I spent real money on a painting, $1,000, in 1986.

The dizziness passes, and you're left with the most wonderful feeling in the world, easily accessible ever after with a mere tilt of the eyes upward, or even a pause of remembering while you and your baby are separated.

Jen Bekman, curatrix of the 20x200 project, makes it easy-peasy to buy art. Artists offer their works at various price points, small, medium and large, and there are dozens of galleries to choose from. We know I'm a fan of Mr. Monteiro's, so I started with the print shown above. You should start anywhere you like.

But start. Please start...