Fab is busting out all over


We have established that to a great extent, we see what we have put it in our minds to see. So it's tricky, this saying "thus and such is happening more and more" where "thus" and/or "such" are not quantifiable, measurable things.

I will go out on a limb, though, and say this: in difficult times, there may or may not be a chance of more fabulous happening, but the likelihood rises that we will witness it. Is it because in difficult times, we are more raw, exposed nerves than myelin sheathing? Because there are fewer resources to devote to the kinds of super-shiny objects that grab at our attention in plush times? Because time seems to slow down? (I don't know about you, but this is the longest short 10 months I've lived through in a looong time.)

So many, many good things seem to be coming from so many different directions right now, almost too many good books, good business ideas, good blogs, good you-name-its to enumerate: shows; podcasts; art; food. Throw a rock in L.A. and you will hit some phenomenal food truck (our track record with coffee is not there yet, alas). This year saw the introduction of a hall devoted to sausage and beer, an event devoted to architecture, sunsets and wine, a pop-up bistro devoted to that which could be handcrafted on a hotplate, a countertop convection oven and a jury-rigged smoker out back. Locally. Who the hell knows what's up in your burg? And I'm not even what you'd call a "foodie."

Where were these things when it was 1986 and I was dying slowly inside? I don't know. No, literally, I don't know. Maybe they were happening then, and I couldn't find them. Maybe they weren't, because we didn't yet have the means of production.

Maybe, as Seth suggests, we are collectively at a point where the means are there and the need is there (i.e., the bar has been raised) yet the traditional path to monetization has been blown to kingdom come, so WTF, hoist that freak flag as far up the pole as it'll go, and see what's what. I'm really not sure.

What I do know is this: I was wealthy in dollars and the prospect of more and never did anything like this. I could buy my way into a lot more and never met people as exciting as these. I had health, youth and prospects and never lit out for parts semi-unknown for month-long or half-month-long sabbaticals with no "purpose" other than to clear my head, open my heart and maybe tell a story (for free, of course) to some fellow travelers.

These are crazy times, dear friend. Crazy and fabulous. If you have yet to cast off the shackles of "normal," fat times, I offer you my somewhat rusty key (and an axe and bottle of whisky, should you have to free yourself the hard way) and say, "Have at it!"

Never a time of more, nor more intense fabulous.

Or, as we say around these here parts, "fabulosity"...


Image by wohlford via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.