What's up and what's gone down (Nov 09)


A thus-far monthly but forever occasional round-up of what I've been up to and what I plan to be. For full credits and details, see this entry.

Colleen of the future (places I'll be)

  • The Monthly Los Angeles Biznik Meet-Up at Jerry's Possibly the last L.A. Biznik Meetup of 2009! Join me, the lovely and talented Heather Parlato, and 28 of your other favorite L.A. freelance peeps  for cocktails, conversation and oversized plates of deli food. It's awesome, and it's free. (Well, not the drinks or the deli food. But there's parking!) Just register (free!) to become a member of Biznik, then sign up (also free!). Easy-peasy, Cousin Weezy!
  • L.A. Freelance Meetup Group at BLANKSPACES Meetup organizer Colleen Rice Nelson does a bang-up job with these monthly meetups. This month's program is a repeat: Kelly Flint from Constant Contact is going to share best practices for making your newsletter kick ass and maintain high open rates. I loved it, and am coming back for a repeat! Okay, and cookies!

Colleen of the Past (stuff that went down)

  • Interview at White Hot Truth My friend and love object, Danielle LaPorte, she of the mighty, mighty firestarting, creative nudging and other glorious instigating, interviewed me for her Burning Questions feature. One of the nicest lead-ins I've had written about me ever, plus some questions that really challenged me to dig deep and think about stuff.
  • Interview at Project Simplify For a completely different take, check out this cool interview I did with my friend and former client, Shawn Tuttle. She's one of the COOL organizers (i.e., the ones who help, not annoy) and a fine writer, too.
  • Ignite:Portland Possibly my favorite talk, ever, and hands-down the most fun event I've been to and participated in since I quit acting. Thank you to everyone who came out, Jason, Jolie, Sam & Linda, Vahid (who took these awesome pix!), with an especial shout-out to my gal, Morgan, LOVE YOU, to spearheader, Josh Bancroft, and the rest of the Ignite: Portland team, who made an L.A. gal's dream come true. You, above all, rock, and damn, do I salute you! Video of my talk on this post and at blip.tv; HUGE, mad thanks to A.J., aka @linuxaid, who got the thing on video when the live stream died. Everyone go give him money or love or something.

Colleen of the Present (ongoing projects)

  • communicatrix | focuses My monthly newsletter devoted to the all-important subject of increasing your unique fabulosity. One article per month (with actionable tips! and minimal bullsh*t!) about becoming a better communicator, plus the best few of the many cool things I stumble across in my travels. Plus a tiny drawing by moi. Free! (archives & sign-up)
  • The Virgo Guide to Marketing I'm almost done with a year-long project where I work on my marketing daily and blog about it weekly. People seem to dig it, as well as the podcasts I record weekly. You might, too!
  • Act Smart! is my monthly column about marketing for actors for LA Casting, but I swear, you'll find stuff in it that's useful, too. Browse the archives, here.
  • Internet flotsam And of course, I snark it up on Twitter, chit-chat on Facebook, post the odd video or quote to Tumblr, and bookmark the good stuff I find on my travels at StumbleUpon and delicious. If you like this sort of stuff, follow me in those places, I only post a fraction of what I find to Twitter and Facebook.


Photo of Arno J. McScruff housed on Flickr, where I also occasionally stick pixels.