100 Things I Learned in 2009, Part 2


Wherein I (once again) attempt to show that one is never too old—or middle-aged, anyway—to learn. Or spout off about it. Part 1 here, in case you missed it.

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  1. Making something short takes a long, long time.
  2. And still provides a disproportionately large ROI.
  3. To love is to serve.
  4. Idiocy can inspire genius.
  5. Podcasting is more fun than I thought it would be.
  6. Screencasts are more fun for everyone than I thought they would be.
  7. Writing for a year seems to take two.
  8. Less is the new more.
  9. If you don't like what's on TV, change it.
  10. Never stop growing.
  11. Especially when you want to.
  12. The world's new-greatest radio station is YouTube.
  13. Time Warner needs a good kick in the 'nads.
  14. You don't have to like your teachers to learn from them.
  15. In fact, you learn more if you don't.
  16. I'm better at wrangling than I thought.
  17. I'm smart enough to acknowledge that and move on.
  18. Well, mostly.
  19. When they say "stop to put on snow chains," they mean it.
  20. If anyone is selling answers, run.
  21. Clicking offline is the payoff for all the click-click-clicking online.
  22. (And I mean click-click-clicking.)
  23. Hilarity is less important than sanity.
  24. Skype will be to Vonage as Vonage was to PacBell.
  25. And it can't be it soon enough.
  26. The best way to write about marketing might just be in verse.
  27. There's a reason Einstein and Uncle Steve wear the same thing every day.
  28. Consumables are the best gifts.
  29. Cash is the best consumable.
  30. With the possible exception of The Pears.
  31. And PIE.
  32. Keep your tools sharp.
  33. The bear gets his days at the table, too.
  34. The impulse to give away is almost never wrong.
  35. The impulse to take on, not so much.
  36. It is not what it cost you, but what it costs you now.
  37. At a certain age, knits should be loose.
  38. Their hatred is never about you.
  39. And vice versa, hot stuff.
  40. You cannot live well in two places.
  41. The road to hell is paved with drive-thru windows.
  42. Wealth really is a state of mind.
  43. Wellness, on the other hand, requires peeling your ass from the couch.
  44. "No, thank you" may be the most delicious phrase in the English language.
  45. Followed by "delete all" and "forward to voice mail."
  46. Silence is platinum.
  47. $10 a month for faxing works out to $60 per fax.
  48. .Me, you're next.
  49. Collaboration is AWESOME.
  50. So is having your 1,000th post land on New Year's Eve Eve.

New here? Or just uninspired to check the back catalog until now? I live to serve!