What's up and what's gone down :: January, 2010


A mostly monthly but forever occasional round-up of what I've been up to and what I plan to be. For full credits and details, see this entry.

Colleen of the future (places I'll be)

  • The LA Eastside Mixer Yes, the Westside Biznik Meetup at Jerry's Famous Deli is still going strong. Alas, it fills up faster than a starving man at an all-you-can-eat shrimp buffet. Sign up for Biznik NOW, then jump on this event while you can. Trust me, it's gonna be just as hot a ticket as its Westside cousin in no time.
  • The Ojai Women's Business Social (Thursday, January 14) If you think I'm missing an event so special that one of my favorite resorts is creating a special cocktail named after it (the "Snooty Lady!"), you're insane. Also, I'm Jodi Womack's #1 fan. Get in line. At the bar.
  • Cornell Alumni Leadership Conference I'll be giving a version of my How to Use Social Media to Conquer the World talk in D.C. at the end of January. This is for Cornell alumni only, but if you're going to be there, please stop by one of my sessions and say "hi," and if you're D.C.-local and want to meet up, let me know: I'm being hosted by the amazing Jared Goralnick for a couple of days before, and maybe we can plan a smallish gathering of fun folk (I hear we'll need it to stay warm).

Colleen of the Past (stuff I did you might not know about)

  • Mule Nog Party audition Adam Lisagor and I did not make it to the party, but I think we made the coolest invitation.
  • Forward to the Designer's Guide to Marketing & Pricing I wrote this a long time ago, but I'm not sure I ever pointed it out. Or if I did, it's time to do it again. Because if you're a designer or copywriter or any other small, creative, service-type business, this book will kick your ass in the good way. (That's an affiliate link, kids, and while I'm happy to send you to Ilise & Peleg's website, I'm even happier if you click back here and buy the book through me. Just sayin'.)
  • UPDATE! I did an episode of my friend Eddie Conner's LA Talk Radio blog show thingamabobby on January 4th. The show description is available through his main page, or you can listen/download the episode here. I talk about why I do what I do, and kinda-sorta what I do. (I know, I'm working on it.)

Colleen of the Present (ongoing projects)

  • communicatrix | focuses My monthly newsletter devoted to the all-important subject of increasing your unique fabulosity. One article per month (with actionable tips! and minimal bullsh*t!) about becoming a better communicator, plus the best few of the many cool things I stumble across in my travels. Plus a tiny drawing by moi. Free! (archives & sign-up)
  • Act Smart! is my monthly column about marketing for actors for LA Casting, but I swear, you'll find stuff in it that's useful, too. Browse the archives, here.
  • Internet flotsam And of course, I snark it up on Twitter, chit-chat on Facebook, post the odd video or quote to Tumblr, and bookmark the good stuff I find on my travels at StumbleUpon and delicious. If you like this sort of stuff, follow me in those places, I only post a fraction of what I find to Twitter and Facebook.


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