Poetry Thursday: Road to nowhere

gigantic "oscar" statue wrapped in plastic

I have never won
one of those coveted
golden bodies
I envisioned myself holding
back in my girlish days.

But I know this lady
who has held several.

And as far
as I know,
she does not sit down
and polish them
but gets up
and gets up
and gets up
and does the next thing
after the thing
that came before it.

For most,
the first thing
is to want a thing.

The next,
to allow yourself
to want it,
followed by
taking actual steps
toward living it.

And after that,
way, way after that,
most likely,
you discover that there is no "there",
just the way
that you are going.

I know

I will hold the want
I have in my heart
as I walk
toward the vision
my heart is holding.

But mostly
I will walk
and I will walk
and I will walk,
only briefly
to say "hello"
and wish my fellow travelers
safe journey
on the way.


Image by miss karen via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.