Poetry Thursday: Door #3

woman reaching up to open an enormous, cartoon-like door

Change is a bitch
who plays by rules
she makes up
as you go along

Change is a roller coaster
with no tracks

an amphibious flight plan

a troll with a prince
inside a troll
inside a prince

a dream
where a roomful of maiden aunts
and former professors
stand guard
before the invisible elevator
that will surely take you
to Heaven
(with stops at
Ladies' Lingerie
and summer camp)
just as soon
as you come up with a quarter

then scatter
with the sound
of your clock-radio,
leaving you nothing
but bewildered
and eight hours older.

How did you get there from here?

One foot
in front of the other
and a boat that arrives
just in time
or a missed connection
that doesn't
but results in the ride
of your life.

Maybe it will make sense in the end
or maybe you fix your resolve
and open your heart
and pack a lunch
and go


Image by Joe Marinaro via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.