Poetry Thursday: If only

pillowfight in the streets!

It's so sad, isn't it?

The way he eats/
she drinks/
they sit around and shoot up sitcoms
all day long?

What a waste of life.

Can't they see
how much better off they'd be
swimming laps/
eating seaweed/
doing hot yoga/
loving Jesus?

Can't they hear
what all of that Guitar Hero
is doing to their arteries?

Don't they know
the only "off" valve
is meditation/
marathon running/
mopping floors/
making sweet, sweet love
tied to the bedposts
under the moonlight?

How does someone end up
like that, anyway,
in the suburbs/
on Skid Row/
all alone
cut off
from everything?

If only
they would listen to me.

If only
they could learn
to help themselves.

If only
they knew
that anything was possible
that they are the agents of change
that love starts with each one of us.

If only they knew
what life could be.
What a world
we could live in...


Image by alexindigo via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.