What's up and what's gone down :: April 2010

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A mostly monthly but forever occasional round-up of what I've been up to and what I plan to be. For full credits and details, see this entry.

Colleen of the future (places I'll be)

  • April L.A. Biznik Happy Hour at Jerry's Famous (Wednesday, April 14; 5:30 - 8) The flagship Los Angeles Biznik event gets a new host this month: in addition to myself and my prolific co-hostess, Heather Parlato, Biznik-er Kelly Harrington is stepping up to shake hands, high-five and otherwise make the fine small business folk who gather for drinks and nosh and chat feel welcome. It's free to join us (we ask that you buy a little something to support Jerry's), but you'll need to join Biznik here first (which, hooray!, is also free).
  • The Career Clinic radio talk show (Saturday, April 10; 10am PT; 12pm CT; 1pm ET) I'll be talking decluttering as it relates to business, creativity and productivity in general with host Maureen Anderson on the April 10th edition of this Internet radio chat show (look! I can use British terminology!). You can join the discussion by calling toll-free (888-598-8464), or sending email to thecareerclinictalkshow AT gmail DOT com. Query away, I will answer ALL, even if I know the answer or not. Which should keep things interesting! (UPDATE: Maureen just followed up to say that while there is an Internet stream, the show is a regular, terrestrial radio broadcast, which means you can hear it over your actual, regular radio on Saturday: noon Central this Saturday on AM 1100 in Fargo (which streams at www.am1100.tv). AM 1410 in Portland will air that broadcast at 4p Pacific time Friday, April 16th (streaming at www.kbnp.com). AM 1230 in Spokane will air the show at 11a Pacific time on Saturday, April 17th (streaming at www.ksbn.net), and 92.5 FM in Rushville, IL will run it at 11p Central time Saturday, April 17th (streaming at www.wkxqfm.com). Sorry for the mix-up, and thank you for clarifying, Maureen!)
  • TEDxTacoma (all-day Saturday, April 24; Tacoma, WA) Unfortunately, my pal Chris Guillebeau had one of his many, many schedule conflicts and couldn't make it to this PacNW flavor of the famous TED conference-offshoot series. Fortunately, he hooked me up with the fine people organizing this one-day gathering devoted to the discussion of "passion", how to find it, what to do with it, and everything in-between. I'm beyond over the moon about this (which puts me in outer space or right back where I am, depending on your viewpoint), as well as the chance to get a little PacNW fix before the main event this fall. And the lineup, well, let's just say I'm the worst house on a great block. Which is just how I like it!

Colleen of the Past (stuff I did you might not know about)

  • The Astoundingly Simple Secrets to Making Social Media Work for You Here's a little secret for you: while I really enjoy in-person speaking events the most, I work extra hard on the virtual ones, especially the webinars. The emotional lossy-ness of the web means that to communicate successfully via these weird hybrids of teleconference, live events and PowerPoint shows, you have to plot things out twice as carefully and project three times the energy. No, you won't get to ask questions at the end (which is why you should come see me in person!), but I cover a ton of ground, including surprise Q&A at the end. Big bang for your buck. The webinar is not available for purchase yet, but sign up for Freelancers Union now anyway, and check back.

Colleen of the Present (ongoing projects)

  • communicatrix | focuses My monthly newsletter devoted to the all-important subject of increasing your unique fabulosity. One article per month (with actionable tips! and minimal bullsh*t!) about becoming a better communicator, plus the best few of the many cool things I stumble across in my travels. Plus a tiny drawing by yours truly. Free! (archives & sign-up)
  • Act Smart! is my monthly column about marketing for actors for LA Casting, but I swear, you'll find stuff in it that's useful, too. Browse the archives, here.
  • Internet flotsam And of course, I snark it up on Twitter, chit-chat on Facebook, post the odd video or quote to Tumblr, and bookmark the good stuff I find on my travels at StumbleUpon and delicious. If you like this sort of stuff, follow me in those places, I only post a fraction of what I find to Twitter and Facebook.


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