Poetry Thursday: Walking alone

spiderman walking to work

There are things
that you alone
must do
and that you must do
regardless of how the rest
of the world
is humming along

in the middle of commotion
while the world is asleep
when life is comfortable
when the fleeing looks good

You may be wistful
or anguished
going to bed
while the party rages

You may be odd man up late
tending to your baby ideas
on long, cold nights
before they hatch

But how much worse
will you feel
when the thing in your heart
lies buried
under a thousand perfectly good reasons
why you couldn't help it now.

No time is right
No time is wrong
Each minute, each hour, each day
extends itself wordlessly
for you to do with it
what you will.

will you do?

will we do
if you don't?

The life you write for yourself
is yours alone
but the lives you touch
are everywhere,
on into eternity.


Image by Eneas via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.