C*cksucking boulder update


It's been a weirdly long half-year so far, but I think we've put the hardest of it behind us. Or maybe that's just the unbridled, sleep-deprived glee, and summer solstice, talking.

Either way, I'm feeling a lightness in my heart and a feeling that things are looking up that I haven't felt in some time. But there was some serious trudgery up that hill to get here, and I'm a wee bit tuckered out from all the pushing. So just a wee postie to share these few things.

First, ask. Ask for help. Ask your friends, ask your loved ones, ask random strangers you meet on the street if you really need it, but ask. Stuff will happen anyway, but I have recently had it reinforced that stuff happens much, much more easily if you ask. So ask. And really, what's the downside? A "no"? You've got that anyway! Ask! Everyone loves to help, including you. You know it's true. So let those people have a little thrill: ask!

Second, sleep helps. It really cannot be emphasized enough. Sleep and fluids, but especially sleep. I now get how you could drive someone batshit-crazy-up-a-wall into confessing anything by depriving them of sleep long enough. Not sure exactly what sleep does, but there's some kind of re-setting mechanism, and a whole lot of smoothing-out of edges. So as much of those good zzzz's as you can nab, you know?

Third, do just one thing. When all feels hopeless, do just one teeny-tiny thing today that is within your control to move whatever c*cksucking boulder it is that you need pushed up whatever motherf*cking hill you have in front of you. Even if it's just putting "Brainstorm ways to get c*cksucking boulder up motherf*cking hill" on a list.

Fourth, and finally, comments are back on! Well, sort of!* I apologize for the turning-off, but it couldn't be helped. They're being moderated for now, but at least they're on. So hey, test it out! Let's take this WordPress puppy out on the open road and see what she'll do! If we break it, we break it, but we'll have a good time until then!

Thanks, and a new, non-shower-cap, hopefully-useful video tomorrow.


*Mad, crazy, insane thanks to my gal, Heather Parlato, and her genius boyfriend Jason Brown. You are brilliant, your cats are outstanding in their field, and god bless America, you have a great patio. I am honored and grateful to call you my friends.

UPDATE: If you're a subscriber, you may have gotten this twice. Apologies. I had to whack the side of my WordPress database a couple more times.