Linking up with Coudal

You know how they say that your blessing is your curse? Well, me and my big fat habit of opening my trap before information has a chance to travel to it occasionally nets me the awesome.

To wit, when I was approached by the fine folk at Coudal Partners to be a guest editor for their daily feed of outstanding links during the month of July, or should I say, their outstanding (and daily!) feed of links, I jumped on it. Before I realized, "Holy Moses, now I have to come up with good shit ALL MONTH LONG."

Oh, well. As I've said before, if I didn't terrify myself on a regular basis, I'd still be sitting in a Montessori class, shoving paste up the nose of the girl sitting next to me. (Lie. There is no paste in Montessori.)

So I will simply say thank you to Coudal, and (I think) to my friend, Alissa Walker, who passed along my name for consideration, and knuckle down to the difficult work of cruising the Internet for awesome stuff.

And if you come across any wonderful stuff that bears sharing and is not already well-traveled around the 'tubes (here's a good place to check for freshness), by all means, send it along to me. I'll credit you with a link, and the world will spin on its axis with a little more cheerful vigor.

Happy July! And linking!


Speaking of awesome, to tide you over, and to give you just a taste of the kind of awesome we're looking to share there, here are just a few of the I've found via the Coudal feed: