Referral Friday: The Secret City

I confess: I have broken my self-imposed hiatus a couple of times since I self-imposed it this past December.

Once, for a good friend and client. Because, hey, that's what you do for a good friend and client.

The second time, most recently, for a friend I practically bullied into accepting a free session, I so believe in his work: Mr. Chris Wells, performer extraordinaire, heart big as all outdoors, and creator of The Big Artist workshop, which I attended last month and raved about here. Chris prepped his big-as-all-outdoors heart out beforehand, but the truth is he already had a mighty clear vision of where he wanted to take this puppy, and I mostly helped facilitate around the edges.

Chris has an equally clear vision for (of?) where he wants to take The Secret City, his celebrated NYC-for-now-based performance/celebration/art-church, which recently won an Obie Award for being so fucking fantastic. (Okay. It won strictly for being fantastic, but I am lost without my celebratory expletives.) And right now, he's doing him some serious biggifying, as my friend Havi would say, raising $15,000 in 45 days via Kickstarter to take The Secret City to the next level: a bigger space; non-profit status; world domination by art. You get the idea.

You can pledge $25 and get a song on your voicemail. Pledge more and get art. T-shirts. Secret City board member Roseanne Cash serenading you in private. (You have to pledge a lot more for that one.) Or be a mini-titan with your name in the program and a personalized thank-you note for just a buck.

A patron of the arts! For a buck!

Either way, have a wonderful weekend filled with joy and art of your choice.

(But come on, a buck!)