Poetry Thursday: Cranky is as cranky does

airplane in flight

I am annoyed
by this fake movie
with Jennifer Aniston
and this real guy
falling asleep in my lap,
in my airspace

And I am annoyed
by my pants not fitting
and by all the things I ate
to make them that way

And I am annoyed
by the books I brought to read
because the good ones are done with
and the bad ones
I want nothing to do with

And I am annoyed
by the time
that crawls so slowly
when all I want
is to crawl into bed
(and miles to crawl
before I sleep)

I am annoyed
by how little I wrote
and how easy it was
not to write it

I am annoyed
he hasn't called
and that she
will not stop
by the heat
and the humidity
by having too much
and not enough
and the hopeless
piles of civilization
I cannot stop seeing
all around me,
that I cannot stop
adding to
even when I know better

Dear God:
I am annoyed
and dismayed
at what I know will be
the long, shameful walk
to the me
who is not


Image by Kossy@FINEDAYS via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.