Frrrrriday Rrrrroundup! (Political Edition) #17

tiny toy cowboy figure with lasso

An end-of-weekly roundup collecting fffffive of the fffffantabulous things I find stumbling around the web during the week here, but which I post on one of the many other Internet outlets I stop by (or tweet at) during my travels. More about the genesis here.

In case you don't live in California or spend any time on Twitter or Facebook or any other kind of news outlet, the scurrilous civil rights violation that is Proposition 8 was overturned by U.S. District Judge Vaughan Walker, my new personal hero. [Facebook-ed; bonus fave link: most hilarious/sad reactions]

Speaking of hilarious and sad, here are a bunch of actual reactions, measured! with science!, of dudes to styles of feminine comportment. [delicious-ed, via Jezebel]

As long as we're talking about stupid reactions to good things like personal freedom and agency, enjoy this hi-larious graph I found. [Tumbld]

And if you don't think you should concern yourself with personal freedoms and agency because you're not gay or you don't have ovaries, the late George Carlin has a rant for you. [ [YouTube-d, via everyone and his brother on Facebook]

Okay. I know I've already shared one video. But just so we don't end on a completely cranky political note, here's the happiest version of "Mrs. Robinson" evar. [YouTube-d, via Kristian Hoffman]

(Next week, I'll get back to posting goofy stuff. Probably. Maybe. Oh, who knows, right?)


Image by williac via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.

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