Video Vednesday: Contorting yourself


I've been reading a lot about goat paths and entrenched ways of thinking in Randy Frost's latest book (which is awesome when it's not scaring the bejeezus outta me), and also doing a ton of walking and the regular quantity of Nei Kung.

So basically, I've been thinking a lot about habituation and ruts and why, while some habits are terrific and make life simpler as well as moving it forward, others keep you skipping in the grooves, to cop an old metaphor from the phonographic days.

Ideas have been flying by fast and furiously, a result, I think, of the walking, primarily, but also greatly due to some terrific and significant conversations I've been having. Still, I manage to grab a couple here and there, and caught some there to post here.

One small note about the batteries: when I say "recyclable," I mean "rechargeable." AND "recyclable." Of course.

This is a long and rambling one, and I'm really not sure about its utility, so constructive feedback is especially welcome.