Poetry Thursday: I will hold you in my arms like a puppy

dog on cushion with slanket and framed photo in background Is it all too much? It is, I can see, and so can you, on a good day when you are well-rested well-fed focused on something you love unfocused enough to feel at one with The Love.

Please, do not worry. Or do, if you must.

A shift of something in the air in your heart in The Love will bring you back eventually.

In the meantime I will hold you in my arms like a puppy, rock you back and forth until you purr, stroke your velveteen rabbit ears until they fold back onto your tender coat.

If you only knew how beautiful you were even now, when you feel so low, so unworthy, you could gentle yourself back to goodness.

For now, let me help, with a song with a bedtime story with a knock-knock joke.

There, there. You see?

I will hold you today. Tomorrow, you can hold me.

xxx c