Selling My Crap on eBay, Day 6: Globes! Globes! Globes! (regular edition)

This is Day 6 of a 21-day series. For more scoop on the who/what/why, go here. For more detail on the whole, freaky globe-fixation thing, go here.

globe in a white built-in cubby

If you're a traditionalist, today's installment in the globe pantheon might be for you.

This particular globe was purchased from a vendor at the legendary Kane County Flea Market, a semi-rural county which borders on suburban DuPage County and is home to a Tevatron particle acceleratora major league farm team and a really, really good frozen custard stand whose name I (fortunately) cannot recall.

CU of a "deco"-like globe base

While there's nothing strictly valuable about this one, I always admired the soothing shade of aqua the makers chose for the oceans, the land-mass tones of yellow, pink and lavender, and the Deco-y base. It looks very handsome on its own, as you can see here, on (temporary) display in the built-ins Chez 'Tater. (Here it is in context of the communicatrix and its globe brethren.)

We will let this go for a song, the 'tater and I, shipping/handling and a nominal something, as befits an objet so lovingly carted halfway across (sorry!) the globe.


Make an offer in the comments, or email the 'tater (miz.tater AT gmail DOT com) to GET IT NOW, before the grubby eBayers get their mitts on it.