Selling My Crap on eBay, Day 7: Globes! Globes! Globes! (black edition)

This is Day 7 of a 21-day series. For more scoop on the who/what/why, go here. For more detail on the whole, freaky globe-fixation thing, go here.

vintage black globe with chrome Deco airplane base

In terms of value, this is hands-down the crème de la crème of the globe collection I'm currently selling off.

CU deco chrome base on black globe

Black globes are rarer than their blueish counterparts, and this one sports an even-rarer Art Deco chrome base in the (rarer still) shape of an airplane. Alas, the globe itself has sustained some damage over the years; the chrome is pitted in places, and parts of the glossy surface are cracked and peeling, no doubt the fault of the careless owner, who is a shameful and constant reminder to herself that she is why she cannot have nice things.

Well, that, and she lives in Earthquake Countryâ„¢.

Come on, though. You know you want it! Make the 'tater an offer! She is highly motivated, as she only has so many cubbies in her attractive built-in unit (not a metaphor!) and is a big reader and collector of other stuff.

And me? I would like to be 12" and one chrome airplane lighter, with a little gas money to get me to wherever I'm headed next.


No, seriously. You WANT THIS GLOBE. Email the 'tater (miz.tater AT gmail DOT com) right now! Operators are standing by!